Paternity and DNA testing for families.

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AABB accredited DNA testing to assist immigration

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DNA analysis of crime scene samples

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Expert Witness and Consultation

Experienced expert witness, training and consultation services

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Fairfax Identity Laboratories

Fairfax Identity Laboratories, located in State College, Pennsylvania, has been at the forefront of DNA testing for forensic analysis and paternity testing since 1990. In 2014 Fairfax Identity Labs merged with Mitotyping Technologies and moved to State College. Our staff's rigorous standards and commitment to quality guarantee credible evidence that influences decisions regarding criminal cases, human identification, paternity, immigration, estate settlement, adoption and other issues. Our laboratory has technologies on hand to provide a minimum probability of paternity (POP) of 99.9%; ten times more information than the average laboratory provides.

We do not accept samples from third-party collectors. Please call to make arrangements to have your sample collected.

Fairfax Identity Laboratories holds the following permits and accreditations: